Me God and Curly chronicles one woman’s spiritual journey through the back alleys of life, death, and grief, where she dares to ask the question: Is Death really the end?

             It started with a dream and a compromise. In this candid memoir, Debra describes how her love for horses and her husband’s love for the breeding business became the alchemical mixture for her complete undoing. Participating in a business that went against the very grain of her existence, Debra struggled daily with her life as a breeder of animals. And as a result, strange, unexplainable illnesses, depression, and a complete aversion to her chosen career found Debra questioning everything about her life. Enter Curly

Born blind, Curly was no ordinary dog and turned out to be the greatest gift to come out of a breeding program that seemed predestined for heartache. While Curly’s life was short, her death would unleash an otherworldly chain of events that would leave one broken woman struggling to hold on to the last vestiges of her own life, as well as her sanity.

In this sweeping portrait of grief, Debra recounts the story of the little blind dog that was responsible for the complete transformation of her life along with the events brought on by the aftermath of her death. Unable to cope with Curly’s death, Debra’s obsession to be reunited with her beloved dog catapults her into a world of mystery and intrigue: a world where certain knowledge remains hidden until one is ready and prepared to understand it, a covert world that is hard to access unless you’ve done the painstaking work required to open the doors to its secrets.

Grappling with an ever deepening depression and a complete lack of will to live, Debra begins her search for the answers to life’s toughest questions. But to receive the answers she so desperately desires requires a tradeoff, and she must ultimately face her OWN death to get them. 

Exploring concepts rarely spoken of outside of secret societies and the religions of the mystics, Debra guides the reader straight into the alchemical flames of the world’s greatest mysteries; and in the end, from this most unlikely of places, she finds the healing she needs, as well as PROOF, that the bonds of Love do INDEED survive death. 

me, god, and curly